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A Spotify clone app is the key to enter and gain an advantage in the lucrative audio streaming industry. With Informatic's cutting-edge Spotify clone app development services, you can own an app that will captivate the music lovers globally. A robust platform to offer millions of songs of all genres is a treat to your users. We offer a customizable Spotify clone script to match your users’ demands with ease. All set to develop a Spotify Like App, or maybe something even better?

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How To Generate Revenue From A Spotify Clone App?

In business, it all comes down to making money by offering complete user satisfaction. These are some of the ways an entrepreneur can generate revenue via their audio streaming app.

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In-app ads

Anywhere there’s a huge audience there’s a potential for ads. Make money with the ads.

Premium features

There can be certain features like ad less listening which can be offered at a price. Example, download, offline access etc.


To listen offline or to new releases, a subscription fee can be charged. Users who pay can avail numerous amazing benefits.

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Benefits of a similar Spotify app

Music is universal and it is never too late to start a legendary audio streaming business with an app and web. Spotify, having 75 million active users and upwards is the perfect prototype that entrepreneurs need to launch an attractive app. Informatic will assist you in remodelling the Spotify clone app to your demands that will be beneficial to you and your customers. The users look for the following traits in an audio streaming app.

Personalised lists

The users get a personalised list of music based on the songs they listen to or search. Personalization is multiple ways to amuse users.

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Listen offline

Users can download the song and listen without the internet via the offline mode. This is the most popular feature in the market.

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Simple to use

The app is user-friendly from registration to listening to songs. With the numerous features, users can enjoy listening to their favourite songs with ease.

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Free subscription

A free subscription or trial period to offer free access to users. Post period completion users will be charged a subscription fee as per the service provider’s discretion. On the payment, the user can access the songs again.

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Large music catalogue

Users will be spoilt for choice with millions of songs from different genres. The sophisticated app offers diverse music choices for the customers.

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Our features are what makes your app interesting, unique and attractive. Below are the significant features to be found in our audio streaming app.

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Registration being the first process, it is necessary to keep it simple and quick. We offer easy registrations using Social Media/mail.

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Search your song

The search option lets the users search for a particular song or album from the millions of songs available in the app. Users can search by the track name, artists, genre etc.

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Based on the users’ interest in the songs or artist or genre or the tracks they search, suggestions of similar songs are listed.

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Top tracks

The trending/ most listened to tracks are listed as ‘trending’. This helps the user be aware of what’s the latest in the industry.

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Download songs

The tracks the user wishes to download can be downloaded for offline listening.

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Social sharing

Share a song on social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and others. You can even copy the link and share via SMS or other means.

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Recently played

An updated list of songs and playlists recently played by users is displayed on the app under “Recently Played?.

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Create a playlist with the user’s favourites. A user can name the playlist and add or remove the songs from the list. Users can share their playlist with their friends.

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Multilingual support

Added languages to support all types of users and their language preference. This feature helps to cater to the global audience.

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Multiple payment integration

Multiple payment methods are offered for a hassle-free transaction.

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Users can create a group comprising music lovered of common alums or artists as per their discretion. A user can also follow other users and listen to their playlists.

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